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About Us

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International Inquirer was founded on the basis of two principles– to create unity through global diversity, and introspection through inquiry.

Our magazine values global voices and urges students to look within themselves to inquire and explore the world around us. As a student-led magazine open to an international community, we are on a mission to discuss topics and material that affects the world in a literary light. We aspire for our writers to amalgamate introspection and discovery by forming strong personal beliefs but viewing a larger picture: how one is affected by all, and how all can be affected by one.

International Inquirer strives to make space for students like us to find joy and enthusiasm for the world and embrace writers of all international identities for a more extraordinary global inquiry.


Keep Inquiring, 



Sophie Johnston, (Co-Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder)                  Alice Shi, (Co-Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder)


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