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Our Story

Alice and Sophie, International Inquirer’s Editors-in-Chief, met at the University of Oxford having spent a summer program there for secondary students. Both with a fervent love for writing and global issues, the unlikely friendship of two girls from Singapore and the USA blossomed under the common goal to start a literary magazine, and inspire students to come together from all international backgrounds. 

Alice Shi

Alice is a high school sophomore located in Singapore. As a writing-enthusiast, she has written multiple pieces for her school magazine and was one of the three writers featured in the 2021 publication. She also representing her school during the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools Cultural Convention. In her free time, Alice enjoys photography, piano, and horseback riding.

Sophie Johnston

Sophie is a high school sophomore located in Arizona, USA. In 2020, she was featured in Creative Communications: A Celebration of Young Poets, and serves on the Teen Advisory Board for her local library, the advisory board to GirlSpring Magazine, and is a Youth Ambassador for the World Literary Foundation. In her free time, Sophie enjoys playing the piano and baking. 

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